About Us

Our Mission

Homeland Surveillance and Electronics (HSE) is a full-service provider of industrial unmanned aircraft. HSE’s patented aircraft are designed and built in America, plus each platform has passed the Department of Homeland Security’s rigorous requirements for stability, reliability and functionality. Having been in development for over 10 years, HSE’s factory holds the US Patent on all multi-rotor unmanned aircraft. The highest standard in manufacturing takes place at a ISO 9001 certified facility in Denver, CO.

As a premier and full-service provider, HSE provides everything needed for successful integration, including flight & safety training, consulting, financing, FAA COA processing and maintenance support. HSE is also one of the only American UAV companies that provides financing and grant writing, ensuring every department can afford a UAV.  HSE’s aircraft are unlike anything else in the sky with a key-focus on safety, reliability and ease of use.

Our Story

HSE started in 2009, shortly after Terry Sanders retired from the Illinois State Police, when his best friend since 4th grade, Dave Sanders, called him with an idea about getting into the emerging “drone” business. Dave shared an article stating that it would be a 25 billion dollar industry by 2020, and convinced Terry to go into business with him. Dave’s background is in software and technology, while Terry’s was in military and police––the side of the industry that they wanted to target.  They agreed to start the business and began researching many different manufacturers to identify the best products for their purposes. Once they identified the manufacturer and were licensed and registered, they began training themselves on the products.

After a few months, Dave asked his brother to join the company with his background in sales and website integration. He developed the website and they started to get leads… a lot of leads.  Shortly, they were overwhelmed with the work and that’s when we asked Dave’s children, Bryan and Joye Sanders, to join the team and bring their backgrounds in banking, finance and sales to the business.

Our Future

Since that time, HSE-UAV has added dealerships, and developed a team of experts to become a premier full-service provider for the complete UAV solution. They have created partnerships with former FAA professionals to provide COA processing; former military flight instructors and manufacturer’s experts to provide top of the line UAV flight instruction; financing and grant writing experts; as well as an ISO 9001 manufacturing facility to manufacture and provide maintenance assistance and training.   

The HSE-UAV team is proud to be entering a new promising era for the company. The team’s commitment to providing a full-service experience remains stronger than ever. We are proud to provide our customers with the highest quality UAVs, parts and accessories, flight training and certifications, as well as a wealth of experience, knowledge and information.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with our team members, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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