RESEARCH: Spraying Drones Help to Reduce Operator Exposure

It might sound a bit crazy… The results seem logical. When applying pesticides with a backpack / knapsack sprayer, of course they are more exposed to the chemical… it is literally sloshing around on their back – they are mere feet away from the nozzle tip. Whereas with a drone sprayer (RPAAS), the operator is […]

RESEARCH: Pattern Testing for AG-122 Spraying Drone (RPAAS)

It’s here! We completed our Spray Pattern Testing research in collaboration with the USDA-ARS on HSE’s Spraying Drones (Remotely Piloted Aerial Application Systems – RPAAS) This testing protocol / model follows that of manned aerial applicators – but instead of the 3 / 4 passes per dataset, we upped that to 12. We know that […]

TEST: Drone Spraying Disinfectant for COVID-19

We’ve heard from people all over the world that they want to use our spraying drones to spray disinfectant / protect against COVID. Although we’ve seen lots of folks using sprayer drones for sanitization, we haven’t seen much data on it. In these videos, we started with our standard agriculture spraying nozzles (Lechler IDK 110-015) […]

Drones Fighting Coronavirus / COVID-19

Can drones help protect us from deadly viruses? Spraying drones have transformed farming as we know it; farmers have controlled weeds, fungus and insects across millions of acres already. But can drones help in the fight of Coronavirus? That was what many drone experts suggested in China as the novel COVID-19 ravished through the country. […]

Drones for Mosquito Control

What’s all the buzz! If you’re lucky, you might have heard that little buzz before the blood-thirsty pest landed and took a little piece of you forever. They probably left a bump that will drive you nuts for a few days, or worse – a dose of zika or dengue fever. As our planet continues […]

Controlling Weeds with Drones

Less weeds, more drones Did you ever dream of a time where farmers were controlling weeds with drones? Wake up, you’re not dreaming, it’s already here! Weed management is something every farmer deals with (and no, not cannabis …although drones are used on those farms, too). Weeds don’t discriminate – and as long as there […]

HSE Drone Sprayer Calculator

Tired of trying to figure out the perfect speed and altitude and swath for your drone? Do you know where to start? Don’t worry! We’ve developed a killer calculator to make your life easier 🙂 Our Drone Sprayer Calculator has all of the nozzle, pump, swath and speed parameters built-in. Just choose your preferred measurement […]

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