TEST: Drone Spraying Disinfectant for COVID-19

We’ve heard from people all over the world that they want to use our spraying drones to spray disinfectant / protect against COVID. Although we’ve seen lots of folks using […]

Drones Fighting Coronavirus / COVID-19

Can drones help protect us from deadly viruses? Spraying drones have transformed farming as we know it; farmers have controlled weeds, fungus and insects across millions of acres already. But […]

Drones for Mosquito Control

What’s all the buzz! If you’re lucky, you might have heard that little buzz before the blood-thirsty pest landed and took a little piece of you forever. They probably left […]

Controlling Weeds with Drones

Less weeds, more drones Did you ever dream of a time where farmers were controlling weeds with drones? Wake up, you’re not dreaming, it’s already here! Weed management is something […]

HSE Drone Sprayer Calculator

Tired of trying to figure out the perfect speed and altitude and swath for your drone? Do you know where to start? Don’t worry! We’ve developed a killer calculator to […]

Drone Spraying FAA Guidance & Consulting

Help with Spraying Drones &  the FAA Many customers have questions about the FAA rules for using sprayer drones. Frankly – it isn’t easy to understand unless you comprehend government […]

Are Drones Replacing Agriculture Aviators?

The ultimate “Drones and Ag Aviators” standoff! Get yourself a chair (and perhaps a beer) and let’s hash this out, once and for all! Our company has been selling spraying […]

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