Drones and Ag Aviators

Are Drones Replacing Agriculture Aviators?

The ultimate “Drones and Ag Aviators” standoff! Get yourself a chair (and perhaps a beer) and let’s hash this out, once and for all! Our company has been selling spraying drones in America longer than anyone else we know. But 10 years ago we started out as most drone companies: let’s throw a camera on […]

Efficacy of drone spraying study - M6E-1 CROP SPRAYING DRONE 2

USDA Studies the Effectiveness of Spraying with a Drone

Farmers everywhere are using drones to spray their fields, but how do we determine the effectiveness of spraying with a drone? The USDA partnered with a leading agriculture university to address this exact topic: drone spraying efficacy! Let’s start with the definition of efficacy stated as: capacity for producing a desired result or effect. Easy, right? But there is more to it […]

Drone On the Farm – Crop Sprayers are Saving Farmers Time & Money

Since the early 90s, the hard-working people of the agricultural industry have been making use of technology to positively impact efficiency and their bottom line. From early adoption of GPS guidance systems for automated tractors, to referencing data compiled by AI software to help farmers make better decisions, to the use of drones in agriculture […]

Recent Changes in Drone Law to Allow Flying Over Crowds & at Night

In an effort to help better establish an area for drone traffic in our country’s airspace system, the Department of Transportation made some major announcements in January. These proposed changes are intended to lessen the heavy restrictions of FAA regulation Part 107 and address major drone flying rules that have hampered the development of the […]

The Future of Drone Technology: Wireless Drone Charging Stations

Drone technology is rapidly evolving as new industries and sectors discover the advantages UAVs can offer. Whether you’re a commercial farm seeking an accurate yet efficient way to spray your crops and plant seeds, or an electrical utilities company searching for a safer and faster way to repair power lines, drones could be your answer. […]

Case Study: OSHA Using Drones for Inspections

When you think of government agencies taking advantage of drone technology, Homeland Security may be the first that comes to mind. Now, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is using drones to conduct its workplace inspections, paving the way for a future in which UAVs used in OSHA inspections is not the exception, but the […]

Case Study: Police Using Drones to Track Suspects

When it comes to law enforcement, the benefits of drone technology is no longer reserved for the military. Local police departments using drones to protect citizens, resolve criminal activities, and track and apprehend suspects has become increasingly common as the technology has become more accessible. Recent cases highlight the potential for police units to safely […]

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