Customer Reviews & Testimonials

EcoGreen Exterior Cleaning, U.S.A.

“HSE offers great products, excellent support staff and willingness to incorporate new ideas as the market requires. In addition HSE is interested in how the customer is doing with reference to their application and offer new features as they come available so the customer stays in tune with the changes of technology used in the drone industry.” -Bruce S.

RiceTec, U.S.A.

“HSE introduced RiceTec to the agricultural drone spray technology in 2017, they have been working side by side with us as this technology has advanced to insure that we are FAA compliant and get full potential uses from the drone. I look forward working with Terry as RiceTec moves forward with this technology.” Doug R.

Helisika Helicopters, N.Z.

“We have the team down on a very large contract we have and with an extremely hard start due to terrain we had an awesome finish to the week and the M8A Pro 20L performed amazing! We will now be staying on site for at least 6 months. Yay!”  -Jaz G.

Koinos, Chile

“The truth (is, it) has been very pleasant to work hand in hand with HSE, we have received a response to our concerns and have been very kind, quick and clear in their emails, we hope to reward HSE with more sales” -Jairo M.

(International Chemical Company), U.S.A.

“I have been at HSE for 30 min and am sold on the new operating system . . . I look forward to partnering even more with HSE in the future.  We greatly appreciate the support from HSE.” -Chris S.

Efficacy of drone spraying study - M6E-1 CROP SPRAYING DRONE

Strongfield Environmental Solutions Inc, Canada

“Not only does HSE offer the highest quality products to their clients, the entire team is an all around pleasure to deal with and offer industry leading service and customer support whenever needed.” –Cory S.

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