Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Precision Solutions LTD, Ghana

“Equipment is robust. No major damage after the crash caused by pilot error. So A+ for hardware. . . Service Department is excellent. It feels good knowing that I have not been left out there to fend for myself. That gives me the strength to conquer more territory knowing that I have solid support behind me. . . I am really glad that in all my research finding a drone company to work with, I came across your company. I will honestly say that HSE UAV is a company that believes in the well being of its partners and clients. HSE-UAV just doesn’t say the right things, but it does that right things and that mark of integrity and honesty will really make the limits beyond the sky for both of us.”  -Alfred Q. 

(International Hybrid Seed Company), U.S.A.

“Our spraying tests (of the M6A Pro) were very successful. Coverage and penetration were excellent. Even in 8ft tall corn there was considerable penetration of water droplets down to the soil level. . . Flight times have been very good. – Mark W.

Efficacy of drone spraying study - M6E-1 CROP SPRAYING DRONE 2


“Homeland Surveillance & Electronics (HSE) is a fantastic UAV company! -Dronaid

ITMC Intl., Israel

“I congratulate your team for providing timely support and giving excellent service… Team work is the main tool for reaching mutual goals.” -Yoram B.

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