Drone Spraying FAA

Drone Spraying FAA Guidance & Consulting

We’re excited to announce a new consulting offering – Drone Spraying FAA Guidance & Consulting!

Many customers have questions about the FAA rules for using sprayer drones. Frankly – it isn’t easy to understand unless you comprehend government lingo! But we got your back! Our new consulting services help you get the FAA spraying drone approvals you’ll need… and we do it fast! In fact, we were one of the first companies to get our approval, so we understand how the process works.

How does it work?

Our FAA Consulting Team will work with you to determine your specific needs and the aircraft you’ll be flying.

Aircraft over 55lbs go through one process, while aircraft under 55lbs go through a different process – but both of them are fairly simple.

The consultant assigned to you will complete the necessary paperwork, applications, etc. on your behalf and submit them to the appropriate entities.

During this process, you will take formal training and obtain your ‘drone pilot license’ and begin studying for your aerial applicator’s certificate (varies by state)

As the final step, we’ll schedule your safety exam with your local FAA inspector who signs you off on the final part!


How much does it cost?

Contact us to get a quote!

(It is included with our new rental program!)


How long does it take?

That greatly depends on you! The sooner we can schedule your training, you purchase your aircraft, etc… the sooner you can conduct your safety exam.

On the FAA side, it is getting faster and faster – we see many approvals in 2-3 months, so start today!

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