DJI agras drones for sale


HSE-UAV Announces DJI Distributor Agreement 
August 4, 2022, (Casselberry, FL)

“This is a big deal for our clients! The team and I are thrilled to now offer DJI’s Agras Spraying Drones for sale!”

said Bryan Sanders, President of HSE-UAV.

Largest spraying drone by DJI T30

Our one-stop-shop now offers even more choices to our clients than ever before. Nearly a decade ago, we introduced America to TTA’s reliable and purpose-built application drones. Since then, TTA has earned its reputation for ease of use, ultimate adaptability and user serviceability. Then, in 2021, we brought on the extraordinary XAG spraying drone (and robot!) lineup, featuring advanced AI, rotary atomization nozzles and never-before-seen rapid charging stations.

The DJI Agras Spray Drones have certainly earned their spot in the spraying drone industry offering multiple capacities, revolutionary spherical radar systems and a user-experience that operators have come to love. We can’t put into words how excited we are about offering their drones.

HSE-UAV offers a unique advantage to our customers. A single place where you can ‘kick the tires’ of the world’s best spraying drones, all in one place. Our unmatched expertise paired with honest, straight-forward guidance is something we know you’ll love.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more and find the perfect drone for your needs.

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