Light Duty Drones

Hobby Drones & Recreational UAVs

In addition to being useful for basic commercial applications, light-duty drones are also a great way to capture photos and videos of your scenic outdoor adventures. Commonly called “hobby drones”, these drone models are often smaller, lighter, and less robust than commercial models, allowing you to invest in only the capabilities you need for recreational activities or simple inspection work.

Homeland Surveillance Electronics LLC (HSE) offers several innovative hobby drones that are designed for those who enjoy operating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for personal use. Our recreational UAVs are ideal for the many hobbyist applications, including:

  • Recording extreme sports and activities
  • Capturing aerial events
  • Recording nature
  • Participating in drone competitions
  • Capturing vacation memories
  • Creative photography

If you need to learn to operate one of our drones, we offer drone flight training that gives you the knowledge you need to use your drone at full capacity from day one. We also offer drone maintenance, so your hobby drone stays in top operating condition and is always ready for the next flight. HSE is your one-stop source for innovative drone equipment and service.

Order Your Hobby Drone Today

HSE carries an extensive selection of popular recreational UAVs and hobby drones that offer the technology you need for lighter applications. For assistance with choosing the right model for personal use or to receive a price quote for one of our drones, please contact us today.

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