Police, Fire, & First Responder Drones

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Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC (HSE) is an industry leading provider of  drones for police operations and firefighter needs. Our UAVs include innovative features and are manufactured for durability, quick to deploy, and ease of use. Our police and firefighter drones offer power cell technology that delivers great flight times, extreme adaptability, stability in bad weather, reliability  and  privacy!

Police and Firefighter Drones

Uses for Fire & Law Enforcement Drones

Our First Responder drones can be used for a variety of firefighting and law enforcement applications, including:

  • Investigating and assessing fires
  • Pursuit of criminals
  • Search and Rescue
  • Control of crowds
  • Emergency response
  • Traffic investigations
  • Forensics
  • HAZMAT operations
  • Patrolling borders
  • SWAT team operations
  • Operations entailing CBRNE (chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear & explosives)
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Rescuing civilians from gunfire
  • Enforcement of conservation
  • Protection of VIPs
  • Police training
  • Gathering criminal intelligence
  • Responding to disasters  
  • Investigating narcotic distribution
  • Detecting chemical biological agents
  • Tracking suspects and their vehicles

Get Fire or Law Enforcement Drones

Whether you need police or firefighter drones, HSE is your one-stop source for the equipment you require. To learn more about our police and firefighter UAVs, please contact us today. We look forward to providing UAVs that improve the safety and efficiency of your operationsBest Drones for Police

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