Batteries and Charging

Drone Batteries and Chargers

One of the most important elements of efficient drone missions is ensuring that drone batteries deliver sufficient power and that they can be quickly recharged. When a flight battery is not fully charged, it can do more than result in incomplete drone missions. It can also cause your drone to crash and bring your missions to a sudden halt. Homeland Surveillance & Electronics (HSE) supplies drone batteries and drone charging options that are used for multiple applications in different industries, including:

Our drone batteries range from small accessory batteries up to batteries with 30,000mAh! We offer the latest “smart” battery features with premium lithium content to ensure extended life and safe operations for your drone batteries. Our all-in-one UAV charging stations make charging quick and effortless. You can just connect the battery, and the charging begins automatically! We also offer DC drone battery chargers so you can charge in the field with ease.

The perfect drone operations require adequate batteries and chargers to allow continuous flying/charging which maximizes airtime for your drone missions.

Power Your Drone Missions

Battery and drone charging options from HSE provide the power you need to complete the most demanding drone missions. If you need to perform extended missions in areas where access to electrical outlets is unavailable or inconvenient, our portable solar charging stations and extra batteries deliver the power you need to complete multiple flights. For more information about our batteries and chargers, please contact our experts for a free consultation.

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