M4H Hybrid Crop Spraying Drone (10L)

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Introducing our new Hybrid Crop Spraying Drone, the AG-X10! Farmers and other spray specialists love its long flight times and ease of use.

The M4H (formerly the AG-X10) Hybrid Crop Spraying Drone features a gasoline + electric power system with great flight times and easy maintenance! This hybrid UAV is portable thanks to folding arms and the modular design. The AG-X10 crop dusting drone can be used for any spraying missions – use it for agricultural, solar panel cleaning, roof spraying and anything else where a spraying drone would save you time and money! The AG-X10 Crop Sprayer Hybrid is perfect for customers who don’t want to deal with battery charging or storage. This spraying UAV is also a great candidate for extreme cold or hot climates where drone batteries suffer.  See the long list of included Safety & Tech in the “Features” tab. *Your flight times may vary based on conditions; features are subject to change without notice*

UAV Features

MODEL AG-X10 HYBRID Crop Spraying Drone (10L)

Configuration – 4-rotor (VTOL)
Flight Time (empty) – 35+ min
Flight Time (payload) – 25-30 min
Max Fly Speed – 33 mph (15 m/s)
Wind Rating (stable) – 27 mph (12 m/s)
Frame Wheelbase – 47 inches (1200 mm)
Weight (without batteries) – 24 lbs (11 kg)
Useable Payload (after batteries) – 2.64 gal (10 L)
Max Takeoff Weight (MTOW) – 50.7 lbs (23 kg)


Typical Coverage Rates – 28–36 ac/hr (11–15 ha/hr)
Typical Spray Height (above crops) – 9-12 ft (3-4 m)
Typical Spray Swath (adjustable) – 13-18 ft (4-5.5 m)
Typical Spraying Speed – 9-14 mph (4-6 m/s)
Nozzle Quantity – 4
Standard Spray Nozzle(s) (adjustable) Lechler – TR 80-005
GPS Accuracy Horizontal – ±1.0m
Vertical – ±0.5m

Hybrid Power System

Fuel Type: Mixed (#95 gasoline, engine oil 25:1)

Fuel Tank: 0.39 gal (1.5 L)

Fuel Consumption (empty) 0.66 gal/hr (2.5L/Hr)

Engine Power: 2.4kW

Additional Battery: 2x  1,800 mAh


UAV Specifications


System Design Safety
  • Tested, Ready to Fly (RTF) System
  • Tested, Ready to Fly (RTF)
  • GPS, fully autonomous Commercial Autopilot
  • Terrain Sensing Module
  • Automatic Pump Control
  • Flow Rate / Level Sensor
  • Ground Station for flight planning
  • Long-Range Remote Control with Spoken Alerts
  • Telemetry Communications Kit
  • Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty*
  • Carbon Fiber frame with Aerospace Aluminum
  • Modular design for easy maintenance/repairs
  • Quick-folding Motor Arms
  • Double and triple strength stress tested
  • ISO 9001 Factory Certification
  • ISO 14001 Factory Certification
  • Automatic or User-activated Return to Home (RTH)
  • Low Battery Alerts and RTH
  • Lost Communications RTH
  • Motor Arming Procedure (ground safety)
  • Emergency Motor Off feature
  • Full Blackbox flight recorder and on-board diagnostics engine
  • Safety Folding Propellers
  • Double and triple avionic redundancy (optional)
  • HSE Professional Flight Training (recommended)

Features subject to change without notice. *Contact us for full terms, limitations and exclusions.

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