All-in-One Smart Drone Charging Station 2-Port (6S-6S_HV-12S)

The ultra-portable charging station is here! Easy to use, super-fast and convenient, this charger is a favorite among users! Charge 2 batteries at once, anything from 6S-12S, safely

Are you shopping for a simple but powerful Drone Charging Station? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This Smart charger is perfect for large drone batteries and has a convenient one-button-start; just plug them in and go! It charges most common large drone batteries including 6S LiPo (22.2V) LiHV (22.8V), and even 12S (44.4V) batteries!

The large colorful LCD display makes it easy to see the status, mode and timers. Ready to pack it up? There’s a handy handle at the top for easy transport. This all-in-one Smart Drone Charging Station is a quick favorite for professionals and hobbyists alike 🙂

Are you looking for a larger charger that can charge up to 8 batteries? Check out our ALL-IN-ONE SMART DRONE CHARGING STATION 8-PORT (6S-6S_HV)


Generally, you have to source these yourself, but that can be a lot of work just to find the wrong ones in the box. We want to make things easy so we’ve worked with our vendors to provide two different options. Please select one of the plug styles below when ordering:

  • AS150 Male (x2)
  • AS & XT150 Male (x2)
  • Balance Board (x2, included)

Drone Charging Station Features

1. Simultaneously Charge: 2x pcs of 6-12S LiPo/LiHV batteries

2. Adjustable charging current: 2A/5A/8A/10A/15A

3. Two modes: Balance charge mode, Storage mode

4. Autosaves last charging current

5. Safety Features: over-voltage, over-current, reverse polarity, and over-temperature protection


Input voltage: AC 110V or 220V
Charge power: 1200W (2x600W)
Charge current range: 2A/5A/8A/10A/15A
Battery type: LiPo/LiHV
Battery cell count: 6-12S
Working mode: Storage mode/Charge mode
Balance current: 1.5A/cell
Net Weight: 3.1KG
Dimensions:268x140x127 mm

Backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty!

UAV Features

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UAV Specifications

  • Smart Charging System
  • Automatic Capacity Detection
  • Protects against over and under charging
  • Built-in AC/DC Power Supply
  • One button Start/Stop
  • Mode Selection Switch
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