All-in-One Smart Drone Charging Station 8-Port (6S-6S_HV)

The ultra-portable charging station is here! Easy to use, super-fast and convenient, this charger is a favorite among users! Charge up to 8 batteries! Supports batteries 2S-6S (including 6S-HV 22.8V) safely and easily!

Check out this heavy-duty Drone Charger Station! Perfect for the professional (or wild hobbyist!) that wants a portable, clean and smart drone charger. You can plug up to 8x batteries into this charger and it will charge two batteries completely and then move on to the next two. If there is an issue with one battery, this smart charger will automatically move on to the next. The bright color display keeps you informed along the way with key info like: charging current, battery voltage, capacity, level, and charging time. Plus! You can charge your 2S or 3S radio (RC) battery too! Our ultra-portable, all-in-one drone charger station saves you time and makes the process of battery charging a breeze! Accomplish more with way less effort.

**Do you have 12S (44.4V) batteries and are looking for a great charger? Check out our ALL-IN-ONE SMART DRONE CHARGING STATION 2-PORT (6S-6S_HV-12S)


Generally, you have to source these yourself, but that can be a lot of work just to find the wrong ones in the box. We want to make things easy so we’ve worked with our vendors to provide two different options. Please select one of the plug styles below when ordering:

  • AS150 Male (x8)
  • AS & XT150 Male (x8)
  • Balance Board (x8, included)


Input voltage AC 110V or 220V
Charge power 1200W(2x600W)
Discharge Power  280W (35Wx8)
Charge current range 5A/10A/15A/20A/25A
Battery type LiPo/LiHV
Battery cell count 2 – 6S
Working mode Charge/Fast Charge/Storage
Balance current 1.5A/cell
Net Weight 4.61KG
Dimensions 270X190X160 mm

UAV Features

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UAV Specifications

  • Smart Charging System
  • Automatic Capacity Detection
  • Protects against over and under charging
  • Built-in AC/DC Power Supply
  • One button Start/Stop
  • Mode Selection Switch
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