Carrier H6 Hybrid HE+

If class leading flight time, incredible area covered in a single flight and no need to recharge batteries is on your docket, look no further than the H6 Hybrid HE+. This under 55lbs hybrid gas/electric drone can carry up to 13lbs of payload and achieve up to an unbelievable 5 hours of flight time on gasoline alone. Say goodbye to batteries, battery charging and generators!



Carrier H6 Hybrid HE+

HSE proudly presents our flagship heavy-lift UAV Carrier H6 Hybrid HE+ by Harris Aerial. Designed and manufactured in the USA by Harris Aerial, development on the Carrier H6 Hybrid HE+ began in response to the demand for a heavy-lift UAV with exceptional flight time without the need to recharge batteries. The Gasoline Hybrid electric design allows for up to 5hrs of flight time and extremely low downtime between flights.

The Carrier H6 Hybrid HE+ is equipped with the H2400 generator providing 2400W of continuous power.   The recommended payload is 4kg allowing for up to 2.5hrs of flight.  The max payload is 6kg allowing up to 1.5hrs of flight.

Harris Aerial’s drone technology allows for more efficient and effective operations for a variety of industries. These drone platforms deliver rapid, on-site results for the following applications:

  • Utility Inspection
  • Security & Law Enforcement
  • Lidar Remote Sensing
  • Agriculture
  • Tactical Route Clearance/Counter-IED Efforts
  • Infrastructure & Development Projects
  • Wildlife Tracking & Capturing
  • Infrastructure
  • Emergency & Disaster Relief
  • Wildlife Preservation
  • Medical Delivery
  • Real Estate

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UAV Specifications

•  Max Payload: 6kg
•  Diagonal Wheelbase: 1590mm
•  Folded Diagonal Wheelbase: 658mm
•  Propeller Size: 29″
•  All-Up Weight (No Payload): 14.5kg (No Fuel) / 16.5kg (With 2.5L Fuel)
•  Max Take-Off Weight: 23kg Max
•  Speed: 15m/s
•  Flight Time: 3 hours (4L Fuel)
Max Flight Time: 5 hours
Voltage: 48V
Fuel Tank: 4.3L



Price & Details


1x H6 Hybrid UAV, tested, ready to fly
1x FPV Camera System
1x HERElink Advanced Remote Controller with 1080p HD display
1x Harris Advanced Ground Station Software for Mission Planning
1x 2400W Generator Hybrid System
2x 5,000 Flight Batteries
1x Smart Charging Station
1x 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

$39,500 USD


Please note, price does not include shipping/freight, sales or other local taxes or duties. Please request a quote for specific pricing. *Your performance & flight times may vary based on conditions; features are subject to change without notice.
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