Drone Delivery Device

This delivery module allows the operator to slowly lower a payload to a recipient on the ground to release. Perfect for supplies or tool delivery.

Our Drone Delivery Device is perfectly capable of turning your drone into a delivery expert! Our quick-release mount makes it easy to swap with other HSE accessories!

How does it work? Easy! During flight, the package is held close to the bottom of the aircraft (this is helpful when you are carrying a slung payload with your drone). Your payload is connected with a latch and a cable. Once you are above your intended location, a switch on the RC activates the lowering mechanism which slowly lowers the payload to the ground where someone can unhook it. Then, the operator reels the cable again and it can be used for the next mission.

Please note, if you are installing this on a non-HSE drone, professional installation will be required. (see our Drone Dropping Device for an instant dropping option).

UAV Features

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UAV Specifications

160x160x120mm, 1040g, input 5v, Payload: 2.5kg (based on UAV selected).

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