Drone Drop Device

This emergency-drop device allows first responders to immediately drop a first-aid or other life-saving payload

Have you been looking for a way to easily drop things from a drone? Check out our quick-swap drone accessory for your drone! Easily convert your drone to deliver emergency survival kits or supplies without delay. Perhaps someone is stranded in a hard-to-reach place, or someone is stuck at sea – get there in moments and drop a First Aid kit or Floatation device. 

How does it work to drop things from a drone? The payload is secured to the drone during flight with a small pin. Once you are above the stranded person, simple flip a switch to release the pin and the payload will fall to the ground. This device is also used for power line stringing! Check out that accessory for more info. 

Note: if you are installing this to a non-HSE platform, professional installation is required. (see our Drone Delivery Device for a lowering / delivery option).

UAV Features

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UAV Specifications

Quick-release mount, payload up to UAV max payload. 104x104x95mm, 300g, power input 5v

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