Drone Speaker

Get your message out with this loud speaker / megaphone with wireless ground-microphone.


Shopping for a drone speaker? With an up-to 650ft (200m) audible range and a 1.2mi (2km) transmission distance, this high altitude megaphone is the perfect drone accessory!

Popular uses include:

  • Crowd Control
  • Search & Rescue
  • Damage Assessment and Reporting
  • Wildfire Coordination
  • Police & Security Missions
  • Broadcast & more!

This commercial accessory includes the ground microphone and transmitter kit; it is electromagnetically  shielded and has an independent power source.


Audible Range: about 755ft (230m)

Power: 100w

Signal Range: up to 1.25mi (2km)

Microphone: handheld, ground

Mount: quick-swap

Angle Range: 60deg

Volume: adjustable

Input Voltage, air: 12v

PWM Control: yes

Input Voltage, ground: 12V

Plug: Standard aviation plug

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