*NEW* Commaris Seeker Long Range Drone

Introducing The Seeker Long Range Drone

Our VTOL UAV brings unmanned aerial excellence to commercial industries for safety and accuracy in the field.


Designed for the long haul

The Seeker drone has a long-endurance capability of over three hours of flight time without a battery change, saving time and reducing costs while supporting multiple payload configurations at a top speed of over sixty miles per hour.

Versatile for multi-use applications

The Seeker’s large payload-carrying capability of up to 10 pounds is customizable with a variety of modular options, including a 30x optical zoom EO/IR camera for inspections, a 120Mp high-resolution camera for mapping, a six-band multispectral camera for precision agriculture, and LiDAR systems, as well as laser methane and corona discharge sensors.

Fully automated flight planning

The Seeker’s VTOL design enables takeoffs and landings in confined areas. Through its dual-GPS system and Ground Control System’s automated route planning, you can create precision automated missions quickly or allow manual control for dynamic situations with a touch of the screen.

Superior Performance

The Seeker is designed to perform a wide variety of commercial inspection operations in applications such as powerline, pipeline, mapping, agriculture, and security.

Our team of experienced aviation professionals has created an extremely capable, commercial-grade UAV that, in many situations, will deliver results that typical rotary-wing UAVs or helicopters cannot come close to providing.

Check out this drone’s impressive features:

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Commaris Seeker Specs

Item Specification
Aircraft dimensions 1631×4500×657mm (64×177×26in)
Max. take-off weight 25kg (55lb)
Empty weight Approx. 12kg (26lb)
Maximum payload 1-6kg (2-13lb)
Service ceiling 5,000m (16,400ft; plateau type)
Maximum takeoff and landing altitude 4,500m (14,700ft; plateau type)
Max. practical takeoff and landing altitude 4,000m (13,100ft)
Maximum level flight speed 120km/h (74mph)
Economic cruising speed 72km/h (44mph)
Minimum level flight speed 72km/h (44mph)
Maximum climbing rate 3m/s (9.8ft/s)
Minimal practical constant spiral radius 150m (492ft)
Track control accuracy Stable side deviation not to exceed 1m during fixed-wing
mode operation.
Altitude control error not to exceed 5m during fixedwing mode operation.
Hovering level control error not to exceed 0.2m.
Hovering height control error not to exceed 0.5m
Flight time 1-3h
Mission radius 0-50km (0-31mi), depending on data chain type
Takeoff and landing wind resistance
Max 6 [wind speed limited to 14m/s (46ft/s)]
Wind resistance classification for level flight t Max 7 [wind speed limited to 16m/s (52ft/s)]
Waterproof rating Light rain [rainfall ≤ 2.5mm/h (0.1in/h)]
Operating temperature -20℃ to +60℃ (-4°F to +140°F).
Storage temperature -40℃ to +60℃ (-40°F to +140°F).
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