XAG SuperCharger (GC4000+)

This Generator + Smart Charger recharges your batteries in record time!

Drone Generator & Charger, all-in-one

Introducing the XAG SuperCharger GC4000+


  • Charges XAG Drone Batteries in about 11 minutes*
  • High-efficiency Generator + Smart Charger, all-in-one portable package
  • Liquid Battery Cooling Tank allows for crazy-fast charging, all without harming the battery
  • Maximize your drone spraying productivity

GC4000+ Auto SuperCharge Station

· Variable frequency generator with ultra-low fuel consumption
of 1.58 gal / KWh (0.6L/KWh)
· Max. 25 batteries can be fully charged with a 3.96 gal (15L) full tank
of gas
· Small and lightweight, 69 lbs (31.5kg) in net weight
· XBMS intelligent battery management system, safe and reliable
· LCD monitor allows quick access to operating status
and maintenance reminder
*Laboratory research shows that, under general operating conditions, the GC4000+ Auto SuperCharge Station can fully charge a B13960S Battery within 11 minutes from 30% to 95%. The specific performance may vary depending on the working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use strictly according to the official product guidelines.


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