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This fixed wing flies for 2 hours providing ideal coverage for large area coverage

This craft was designed for serious flight times allowing you to cover big jobs with ease. The flexible payload bay is capable of carrying nearly any camera/sensor without sacrificing its incredible 2-hour flight time! With optional extended range abilities, this aircraft can operate up to 60km away! See the long list of included Safety & Tech in the “Features” tab. *Your flight times may vary based on conditions; features are subject to change without notice*

UAV Features


Configuration – Fixed Wing (plane)
Flight Time (empty) – N/A
Flight Time (payload) – 2 hrs(2.2 lbs)
Cruising Speed (not less than)- 33 mph (54 km/h)
Wind Rating (stable) – 22 mph (10 m/s)
Wingspan- 78.7 inches (2000 mm)
Length – 41.3 inches (1050 mm)
Weight (without batteries)- 5.73 lbs (2.6 kg)
Useable Payload (after batteries) – 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Takeoff Method- Hand Launchable
Landing Method- Spiral Down
Propeller Style- 10 inches
Propulsion System- 2x 2814 motor, electric, 1x 16,000mAh battery


Flight Radius (configurable)- 1 mile+
Typical Flying Height- 262-6560 feet (80-2000 m)
Fuselage Material- EPO Foam
On-Site Easy Assembly- Yes
Transport Kit- Yes
Encrypted Communications (configurable)- Standard for R/C, optional for Data/Video

UAV Specifications

System Design Safety
  • Tested, Ready to Fly (RTF)
  • GPS, fully autonomous Commercial Autopilot
  • Ground Station for flight planning
  • Long-Range Remote Control with Spoken Alerts
  • Telemetry Communications Kit
  • Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty*
  • High Strength EPO Foam
  • Modular design for easy maintenance/repairs
  • Quick-folding Motor Arms
  • Double and triple strength stress tested
  • ISO 9001 Factory Certification
  • ISO 14001 Factory Certification
  • Automatic or User-activated Return to Home (RTH)
  • Battery Powered – no spark / no fuel to transport
  • Optional Parachute
  • Low Battery Alerts and RTH
  • Lost Communications RTH
  • Hand Launch with Airborne Detection
  • Full Blackbox flight recorder and on-board diagnostics engine
  • Double and triple avionic redundancy
  • HSE Professional Flight Training (recommended)

Features subject to change without notice. *Contact us for full terms, limitations and exclusions.

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