GeoCue True View 410

GeoCue True View 410

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EVO II Gimbal Camera

EVO II Gimbal Camera


True View 410 Product Specifications



LIDAR Scanner Quanergy M8 Ultra
LIDAR Range – Usable 75m
Cross-track Field of View (FOV) – usable 90°
LIDAR Beams/Returns 8/3
Pulse Repetition Rate 420 kHz
Accuracy Better than 5 cm RMSE
Precision Better than 5 cm at 1 σ
Dual Cameras (Port, Starboard) ±25° cross-track oblique
Camera Sensor 1’’ mechanical shutter, hardware mid-exposure pulse, 20 MP, RGB
Camera Lens 28 mm ƒ, 2.8 Max F Stop, fixed focus
Camera Cross-track FOV 120°, total
Camera Trigger Interval or Distance
Mass 2.25 kg
Operating Time (per battery) ~ 1.5 hours
Dimensions 12.5” x 6.5” x 7”

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