IoT SIM Card - Cellular Data Plan for Drones - HSE-UAV

IoT SIM Card - Cellular Data Plan for Drones

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HSE'S Cellular Plan for Drones gives you the coverage you need for your XAG or DJI drones at a great price!

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HSE has you covered with our new cellular data plans backed by AT&T for customers in the U.S.

First - most drones that we sell like XAG and DJI allow you to connect the drone directly to the web for real-time cloud access, downloading maps, syncing spraying jobs and updating firmware. Additionally, you can use the cell connection to access local CORS RTK networks and save yourself the cost of buying your own local RTK base station.  

IoT stands for Internet of Things, a new protocol for devices (like drones) that are designed to be connected to a host of other devices for a seamless user experience with 'always-up-to-date' features. Many new cars also run on an IoT platform for access to in-car apps like Spotify, Navigation, etc.
IoT SIM Cards (M2M SIM Cards)
Also known as M2M SIM cards, IoT SIM cards are the keys that unlock cellular connectivity to a variety of devices.

Carrier-specific SIMs connect to one carrier only. Although we offer cellular SIM cards for all of the major U.S. Carriers, we have found that the AT&T network is the most reliable for XAG & DJI Drones.



      • Pause, Resume or Stop your service at any time (i.e., seasonally) for $10
      • 2GB per month per card (most drones use about 1GB/mo), just $10 per month for another 2GB
      • Reliable and robust coverage from AT&T
      • Ready-to-use
      • HSE Technical Support
      • $35 per month per card including 2GB of data per month
      • One-Time $35 activation fee
      • Pause, Resume or Cancel at any time for just $10 - there are no monthly charges for paused plans
      • All plans require automatic payment from a Visa or Mastercard
      • Get up to 4GB per month per card for just $10 additional per month
      • U.S. Customers Only