Software and Systems

Some of the most exacting drone missions rely on UAV software and systems for gathering data. Homeland Surveillance & Electronics (HSE) offers multiple drone platforms that you can optimize with technology for capturing and rendering data. Our drone software options include CAD and 3D mapping capabilities that support applications across many industries, including:

Our drone software options support the reconstruction of observed terrains via mapping in 3D or CAD visuals, with the accuracy to generate distances and measurements at the level of millimeters. Offering superior calibration, the software can render captured scenes as CAD drawings that are admissible in court and can be animated to show a sequence of events, while our UAV communication systems offer IP and analogue access to the data in real-time.

Optimize Your New Drone

Drone software and system options from HSE optimize your drone for applications that entail recording, rendering, and interpreting precise data. Tell us your needs, and we will suggest software optimizations that meet your most demanding mission requirements. For assistance with selecting the right drone software for your applications, please contact us for a free consultation.

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