TEST: Drone Spraying Disinfectant for COVID-19

Drones spraying disinfectant

We’ve heard from people all over the world that they want to use our spraying drones to spray disinfectant / protect against COVID. Although we’ve seen lots of folks using sprayer drones for sanitization, we haven’t seen much data on it. In these videos, we started with our standard agriculture spraying nozzles (Lechler IDK 110-015) and we see that although the application itself was quite easy and very doable for the hardware, our first thought was going with a finer nozzle to achieve better and more even coverage – that’s easy to do on our drones because we don’t use proprietary nozzles.

What are our initial findings?

  • Our Spraying Drones easily adapt to spraying disinfectant. We flew slowly and had our pump on high and we applied just over 1gal – so the standard tank sizes are well-suited and efficient.
  • The flying areas although different than traditional field spraying, can still be flown automatically with our flight planning software.
  • Flying manually was easy on the pilot and our obstacle avoidance system + live video stream gave him confidence during flight.
  • Spotty GPS areas require extra care as the drone needs to be flown in a “RC Style”, requiring pilot practice and familiarity with the aircraft.
  • Indoor spraying takes extra care as you’re flying fully without GPS. We don’t recommend this, but it can be done for those with strong stomachs and solid Standard Operating Procedures (contact us to learn more about this)
  • Although the drift was well mitigated (which is great for many agriculture applications,) drift / coverage is more desirable in this application. Therefore, we think a much finer nozzle would be a better fit than the standard ag nozzle we used (Lechler IDK 110-015), this can be easily changed by the end-user.

Check out the videos below!


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