Drones for Agriculture & Conservation

Agriculture and conservation often involve assessing large areas of land to gather information that is essential to the plans of farmers and conservationists. Because surveying the areas on foot or in a truck is typically less efficient and less informative than monitoring them aerially, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drones for agriculture and conservation are the ideal alternative. Our agriculture crop sprayer and conservation drones support the following endeavors, among others:

  • Land and soil management
  • Crop health analytics
  • Crop spraying
  • Detecting and monitoring erosion
  • Irrigation
  • Seasonal crop growth
  • Time lapse detection
  • Flood assessments
  • Assessing the impact of drought
  • Identifying snow packs

Our drones for agriculture and conservation feature high-tech capabilities that offer the data you need to manage land in the most effective manner, including: HD photos and videos, infrared photography, NDVI, Multispectral and more. Pre-saved flight missions create time-lapse photos, and optional photo rendering software for 3D mapping. We also offer the training and certification you need to fly drones for agriculture crop spraying or conservation according to FAA regulations.

Buy the UAV Drone You Need

Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC (HSE) supplies industry-leading drones for agriculture and conservation needs. For help selecting the right drone for your agricultural needs, or to receive a free price quote, connect with us today to speak with a product specialist.

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