Drones With Long Flight Times

Drones With Long Flight Time

Are you shopping for drones with long flight times? Whether you have a large area you’d like to map or are you looking to conduct inspections using a drone?… Or perhaps a large search area or security perimeter that would benefit by utilizing a UAV. Whatever your mission, HSE sells drones with long flight times! It’s pretty simple – the longer your Time In The Air (TITA), the more you can accomplish with your drone. HSE’s long-range drones can operate up to 31mi (50km) away with enough flight time to see it all. Precise, reliable commercial autopilots and awesome TITA make our drones great for carrying drone cameras or payloads while delivering maximum ‘getting stuff done!

On average, multirotor drones get about 25 minutes of flight time. Surprisingly enough, that is actually a lot of time when you have an aerial perspective. For example, if you were soaring at 200 feet in the air, think of the perspective you’d have! And think about if you were able to travel at 20-50mph, you’d be able to see a lot! However, that still isn’t enough flight time for really large areas. Check out our full line of long-range drones and drones with long flight times.

What are the benefits of multirotors (quadcopter, hexacopter, etc.) versus a fixed-wing (plane)? This is pretty straight-forward but really depends on what the mission requires. Fixed-wing drones have the best flight time because their wings help them maintain lift (simply said, they require less work to stay airborne), whereas multirotors would fall out of the sky if the motors weren’t constantly working.

However, multirotor drones have two very specific advantages – the ability to launch and land vertically (referred to as a VTOL) and the ability to hover in place. VTOL drones are important if you don’t have a clear runway or landing zone. Having the ability to hover in place is often important for detailed inspections, and police work – that allows you to get closer to a certain area or item to take a closer look. But what if you could find a drone with long flight time and that launches/lands as a VTOL? We have it! Check out our amazing SP9-VTOL!


Get in touch to arrange a free drone demonstration; you’ll immediately notice our drones are impressively built and very easy to fly. Plus, when you buy a commercial drone from HSE, you’re backed by an American Company with U.S. Support, Training and Warranty repairs!


  • Large Area Development
  • Land surveying for agriculture and conservation
  • Forestry surveillance
  • Development and surveillance of mines
  • Mapping construction sites
  • Accident Reconstruction for police
  • Natural Disaster Assessments
  • Establishing known boundaries for tracts of land
  • Security Perimeter Surveillance
  • Crowd Management
  • Coastal Safety Management
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