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U.S. real estate sales generate hundreds of billions of dollars annually. In order to sustain that number, real estate companies must do more than build impressive structures and make improvements to existing properties. They must also build on land suitable for homeowners and businesses, and present real estate in a way that incentivizes sales. This is what our real estate drone photography technology helps real estate companies do. But it doesn’t stop there: resorts, golf courses, and other tourism attractions captivate customers with the stunning perspective only achieved through UAVs.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Whether you’re an established real estate firm or a burgeoning start-up in the field, our drone photography solutions can help you. Homeland Surveillance Electronics (HSE) lets you perform aerial photography inspections for these purposes:

  • Creating unique videos and photos to motivate buyers
  • Recording high-rise properties from up to 12,000 ft.
  • Analyzing residential, commercial, and industrial zoning
  • Performing flood and building analysis
  • Analyzing broad geographies for large developments
  • Creating multiple height and elevation views
  • Create 3D models and renderings
  • Conduct thermal inspections to promote energy efficiency

We offer real estate aerial photography drones with features such as autopilot GPS waypoint navigation, the ability to mount choice HD video equipment, and 45 minutes of quiet battery-powered operation.

We also offer the training courses you need to operate your drone skillfully and in compliance with FAA regulations. In addition, we can perform maintenance on your drone to help keep it in top condition for your applications.

Order Your New Drone

The real estate industry is experiencing rapid growth, and our real estate drone photography technology helps you make the most of your opportunities. For help choosing the best drone for your needs or assistance with completing your order, our experts are here for you. We look forward to supplying your drone, along with the resources that you need to use your new drone like a pro.

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