Videography and Media

Drone With Camera for Sale

The videography and media options that drones offer define their usefulness for various applications, from topographical 3D mapping, to inspecting utility systems, to law enforcement surveillance. Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC (HSE) supplies drones with advanced photo software and specialty cameras for the most demanding drone operations. If you need a drone with a camera for sale, we have the innovative technology to meet your requirements.

Camera Photo Software

Our camera photo software delivers exact measurements that are essential for mapping in CAD or 3D visuals, generating micro-level distance and measurement data, or transforming accident scenes into CAD drawings that are admissible in court. Our experts help you select a drone with a camera for sale from our large inventory based on your specific needs.

Specialty Camera Options

We offer drones featuring specialty cameras for capturing photography and surveillance data in 10-20+ megapixel resolution, with the ability to zoom in for close views. Camera options include LiDAR, DSLR, HD photo and video, multispectral, and infrared (FLIR). Our technology also lets you digitally create CAD drawings for highly refined inspection and surveillance needs.

Buy a Drone With a Camera to Improve Operations

Need a drone with a camera for sale? HSE can supply the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) you require for applications that demand exact photos and/or wireless video capabilities, including integrating autopilot platforms for target tracking and other complex, remote surveillance needs. For questions about our drone videography and media options, or to request a price quote, please contact us today to speak with a product specialist.

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