Drone Training: Virtual

Learn from the pros at HSE's ONLINE Spraying Drone Training Class! Incl DJI T10/T30 Spray Drones, XAG P40/V40 and more!

Check out the course details below. Leverage our industry-best experts for the most critical info you'll need to be successful with your spraying drone.

We've packed our virtual / online spray drone training class with the most critical, need-to-know content to maximize your knowledge. This is a great class for people with existing drone experience that are looking to understand the mission planning, software, calibration, etc. of their new spraying drone system. Convenient and no travel necessary - leverage our industry-best experts and you'll avoid wasting time or costly errors! 

The most important thing? Your applications will be as productive and effective as possible, getting you a quick ROI and avoiding costly mistakes or crashes. 

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