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You could! Depends on when you want to get operational - new drones require new FAA approvals and that can take an entire season. The current tech is absolutely incredible, you'll get your money out of it either way.

Most owners recoup their costs first year from labor savings alone. However, reducing tramline losses also makes spray drones a smart investment. Learn more and download our free calculator HERE

Once you've added everything to your shopping cart, you can complete your purchase securely paying the entire amount with a Visa or MasterCard. If you're financing, sending a bank wire, check or any other method - you'll need to know your final total to account for shipping, taxes, etc. To get this total, proceed through the checkout by entering your contact information and shipping address following the steps below. 

Then, you can find out payment instructions HERE.

Pro Tip! Create and always sign into your account to save time and track your orders!

Generally, no. Except in cases of a new product pre-order sale, we require a minimum of 50% down to start the order with the final 50% being due before the product ships to you. Keep in mind that U.S. customers can take advantage of financing through our lender network! Customers in other countries might consider equipment financing options with their local bank.

We will review terms on a case-by-case basis but only for U.S. & Canadian government or institutional customers (including universities, colleges, city, county, state and federal agencies). If you are part of one of these agencies and would like to discuss terms, please get in touch with our team to discuss. 

Who is NoFraud:

NoFraud is a fraud prevention solution for eCommerce businesses like ours. They use cutting-edge forensic technology to screen transactions on behalf of HSE and alert us if they find a transaction with a high risk for fraud. This protects HSE and consumers against unauthorized credit card use.

Why am I getting an email/call/text message from NoFraud to confirm a transaction?

NoFraud has contacted you on our behalf because your transaction had an irregular characteristics and/or elevated risk. NoFraud wants to confirm that you authorized this transaction.

After I confirm the transaction, do I need to do anything else?

Generally, that's it! Unless a NoFraud analyst has requested additional information from you. NoFraud informs us that your transaction has been verified and we begin processing your order.

Will NoFraud ask me for my personal information?

If required, a NoFraud analyst might ask you for documentation to prove your identity. NoFraud will never ask for your full card number, social security number or any other significantly personal information.

Will my order be delayed?

Most orders are approved instantly. But if your order requires a verification by NoFraud, your order will be on hold until the review is complete. The best thing you can do is respond quickly so we can get your order rollin'! 

I did not make the transaction and neither did anyone that has access to my card. What should I do?

We suggest that you contact your card company and inform them that your card has been compromised. Follow your bank's guidance which usually includes reviewing your previous statements and filing any necessary fraud claims so you can get reimbursed. Additionally (and thanks to NoFraud catching it,) you might see a charge pending from us, but it will disappear after a few days.


Given the nature of this equipment, all sales are final - there are no refunds or exchanges except in cases of a manufacturer's defect or a warranty issue. See our Terms & Conditions and Warranties & Returns for complete info. 

With that being said, our team is committed to you being happy and successful, and we offer nearly everything possible to ensure that. Your best promise for success is by getting trained... on average, >70% of our customer support cases come from folks who are trying to figure things out on their own. This includes everything from initially setting up / assembling the hardware to operating & maintaining it. 

And obviously, if there is an actual defect with the hardware, our team will work with you until it is resolved. We'll never refer you back to work with someone overseas or at the manufacturer... you buy from us, we've got your back through it all.

If you aren't sure if the hardware is the right fit for what you need, or if you aren't sure about regulations/etc., you should get in touch with our experts before you buy and we'll talk it through with you.  

We offer shipping across North America including U.S. territories.

Customers seeking to buy products outside of these places: although we would love to earn your business, we know from experience that it can be difficult to manage export/import rules in other countries, especially with drones! Additionally, it is difficult for us to provide the level of support we're committed to across different timezones and languages. We recommend you work with a local distributor for the best experience & support.

Find XAG dealers HERE

Find DJI dealers HERE

Contact TTA HERE 

If there are no local dealers in your region and you wish to proceed with an order, please contact us. You will need to arrange and manage shipping from your end - the goods will be prepared and packaged at our facility and you will arrange them to be picked up at our store. We cannot accommodate any exceptions to this policy. 

Great question! We work quickly to get orders out. If you are in a rush, please contact us to confirm your item is in stock before ordering (please also review the "shipping" FAQs). 

Larger drones and ground rigs are often shipped in cases or pallets and take 7-10 business in the continental U.S. Although it is tricky - some of these can be shipped on commercial air freight. Contact us to see if that's possible. 

Smaller drones and parts/accessories are usually shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground taking 5-7 business days usually. Many of these items can be shipped faster if you purchase rush shipping. However, most larger batteries are prohibited from being shipped by air in the U.S.

GREAT question! Drones, like our manned aerial applicators, follow the "Aerial" instructions on pesticide labels which most often are using 66% - 75% less carrier (or water) than what you're used to seeing on the 'ground' label. Why? Because we fly 8-15 times faster than a ground rig, we don't need to water down the AI (active ingredient) to account for slower traveling. In most cases, the same amount of AI goes out over the same area. 

Yes! Here's a good way to think about it... according to the EPA, drones are required to follow the "Aerial" application instructions on a pesticide label. This tells you the amount of total mixed solution (active ingredient + carrier) and droplet size. Chemical manufacturers spend literally millions of dollars and countless hours of efficiacy testing before they submit a label to the EPA for approval. They would never instruct you to use their product in a way that wouldn't work. Should you do your own testing and calibration for proper coverage? Absolutely! 

Research proves that drift from drones can be mitigated by choosing the right nozzle for the job (and following the "aerial" portion of the pesticide label). Drift from drones is similar to that of ground rigs & backpack sprayers. Research shows it was less than manned aerial applicators & air-blaster style systems. 

That depends on two factors: first, which drone you choose, and second, what your application rate is. Key factors like recharge and refill time greatly impact your productivity. Watch this video or schedule a consultation for guidance. 

In addition to cost and labor savings, yield increases play a big factor in getting ROI from your spraying drone. The short answer are these two things, and there are a few other reasons but we'll start here. 

1) drones aren't stopped by ground conditions so you can still spray when the ground is wet without getting stuck or causing soil compaction. Not having to contend with weather + the ease and quickness of drone applications allow you to get crop protection products out more often providing optimal protection as part of your IPM. Healthier crops = better yields.

3) Removing tramline (tractor or vehicle tire) losses means you won't be causing fruit drop or running over your crops. Apply fungicides, miticides, etc., as often as you need without having to gamble with nature or damaging your crop.  

Learn about and calculate your yield increases with our free calculator HERE

Most of our prices are on our website, use the SEARCH function and type in the name of what you're looking for. You can build the perfect drone package by adding the drone, accessories and services like Product Knowledge Class or FAA to your cart. Click your shopping cart to see your total!

From there, you can apply for financing or proceed with your checkout.

We're working on having our website reflect this in real-time but with our different sales channels, it is best to chat or give us a call to confirm. 

This is a limitation of our site but there's an easy workaround (sorry for the inconvenience!) The "builder" lets you add up to 10 items, so you can do one of two things:

1) add a single quantity of what you want (i.e., just one battery, or two if there is a minimum) and then add those to the cart. Once in the cart, increase the quantities to what you want and then click "update" at the bottom of the cart page.

2) add the items ala carte by going to their individual product pages and clicking 'add to cart'. To do this in the builder, just click the title of the product, it'll open a new tab with that product page - on that page, click 'add to cart'. You can further adjust quantities on the shopping cart page, then click "update" at the bottom of the cart page.

Contact us if you need anything at all!