Many customers have questions about the FAA rules for using sprayer drones. Frankly – it isn’t easy to understand unless you comprehend government lingo! But we’ve got your back! Our consulting services help you get the FAA spraying drone approvals you’ll need… and we do it fast! In fact, HSE was one of the first companies to get FAA approval, so we understand how the process works.


  • Our FAA Consulting Team will work with you to determine your specific needs and the aircraft you’ll be flying.
  • The consultant assigned to you will complete the necessary paperwork, applications, etc. on your behalf.
  • During this process, you will take formal product knowledge class and obtain your ‘drone pilot license’ and begin studying for your aerial applicator’s certificate (varies by state).
  • As the final step, we’ll schedule your safety exam with your local FAA inspector who signs you off on the final part!

Drone FAA Help & Consulting

HSE’s Drone FAA Help is your ultimate resource to flying lawfully and quickly! The FAA has made it clear that they do, in fact, want to integrate commercial UAVs into the National Airspace System (NAS). But, they also must ensure our NAS remains one of the safest in the world. Therefore, the FAA establishes and enforces drone regulations for performing missions. Ensuring that drone flights meet these requirements is essential for avoiding costly fines or additional penalties. Homeland Surveillance & Electronics (HSE) provides drone FAA help & consulting for industries that regularly use our UAVs, including:

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In our strive to further develop and grow the unmanned aviation industry, we are committed that:

  • Drones are being used safely, and at their full potential & capacity.
  • UAS are working for us, our economy, our country, and globally.
  • Operators are aware, educated, and supported in regulatory compliance.

In addition to providing UAV consulting for drone operations in your industry,we can advise you of the specific types of missions to ensure that violations do not compromise your business-critical missions, or saddle you with fines that erode the bottom line. We empower you with the knowledge that you need to fly in full compliance with current rules, and provide you with timely updates following official changes to drone flight regulations. The FAA rules can be overwhelming but the process doesn’t have to be. REQUEST A FREE FAA CONSULTING QUOTE HERE

Shopping for a Drone that Sprays?

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Did you know? We have a variety of “Ready to Fly” drone sprayer packages that include batteries, chargers, product knowledge class and this FAA Sprayer Guidance package! Get in Touch with us to learn more.

Stay Current With FAA Drone Regulations

Things are changing quickly! And FAA requirements for drone missions are subject to amendments that change the landscape of how drones must operate to remain compliant with the rules. If a significant amount of time has passed since you last evaluated your compliance with FAA regulations, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our team to make sure you have the latest information.

With drone consulting from our experts, you can comply with the latest FAA drone regulations with ease.

Let us help plan your mission through the regulatory framework, and onwards to full compliance! Don’t stay grounded from a higher level of success in your unmanned flight operations…

HSE’s FAA Spraying Approval Package Includes:

Creation & Submission of Exemption / Waiver Request(s) – Plus continuous direct communications w/ the FAA until granted!
SOP, Training & Safety Manuals
Certification Guidance – A clear mission plan, and everything you’ll need to obtain the FAA’s Part 137 / Agricultural Aircraft Operator Certificate
Additional Resources – Pilot licensing, aircraft registration, etc.

Add-on Safety Cases:

  • 500ft Setback Relief (only applicable to Over 55lb aircraft) Will you be spraying within 500ft of any vehicles, vessels, or structures that you’re NOT able to get permissions for? (e.g. Public road w/ cars driving by, but not your client’s barn)
  • Multiple Aircraft – Flying more than 1 drone per Pilot, quantity specified
  • Night Operations – fly beyond daylight hours!
  • Heavy-Lift Ops Delivery – Based on type of payload carriage
  • Airspace Authorizations – Including Letters of Agreement (LOAs)
  • BVLOS – Strong ConOps required (based on software / hardware / equipment capabilities, safety procedures, etc.)

Anything else you need? Just ask HSE!

Now for the big question: How soon can I spray?

Your FAA Package – We generally complete your submission within 1-2 weeks.

FAA Approval – Currently averaging about 3-8 months for these types of exemptions to be granted, depending on the specific request(s).

FAA Certification – Determined by several factors, including: 1) The volume & staff resources at your local Flight District Services Office as some FSDOs have wait lists 2) Your ability to respond in a timely fashion, and your preparation & success during in-person, in-field flight / safety / knowledge demonstrations 3) Time to process any Over 55lb aircraft registration, pilot licensing needed, etc.

You’ll want to start this FAA process as early, and as soon as you can!

Keep in mind- you can spray water right now! Most of our clients use this time to acquire their aircraft & equipment, get their team trained for safe & efficient flight operations, determine application goals, procedures & program set up, flight demonstrations, operational practice, and of course- achieve more time flying!

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Applicable Compliance:


FAA Approval for Under & Over 55lbs.

FAA Agricultural Aircraft Operator Certificate

FAA Pilot Licensing

FAA Aircraft Registration

State Chemical Applicator License

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(Government Agencies (including Federal, State, and Tribal), Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Public Safety Entities)

Operate under Part 107, or

Operate with a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA)

Additional Authorization for Airspace

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