"The agriculture & spraying drone industry is growing at an epic rate; we see triple-digit growth each year. We need more experts & boots on the ground to help our customers." -Bryan Sanders, President of HSE-UAV


Featuring the best brands, in one place: DJI Agras, XAG & TTA. Plus our Full-Service offerings like Training, FAA Guidance, Leasing / Financing & Drone Protection Plans empower our Dealers to take care of all customer needs.


"We've been around since 2009 and selling crop spraying drones since 2014. With all that experience behind us, I truly believe that our unique approach to Dealerships is the ideal solution...  it is 'turn-key' so our Dealers start on Day 1 with the strength, resources, expertise and offerings that are simply unmatched in this industry." said Bryan Sanders. Additional details about our spray drone dealer program can be found on our Dealer Opportunities document below.  


NOTE: currently, we are only accepting Dealer Applications in the United States & Canada.


Ready to get started? Want more info about our spray drone dealer opportunities? Follow these steps:

1) Please review this entire page, our Dealer Program & FAQ , and take note of ideas & questions you have
2) Please review & complete the Dealer Application.
3) Schedule a Meeting to introduce yourself :) 



A few important notes:

  1. HSE's company culture is that everyone wins - customers, dealers, HSE, our manufacturers and other partners. HSE is deeply committed to that culture and requires that dealers operate in ways that are consistent with that objective.
  2. As a Commercial Drone Brokerage Company (often known as a Value Added Reseller / VAR), we distribute for many different manufacturers and are often adding (and sometimes removing) products as customers' needs guide us. In certain cases, a particular manufacturer or product may not be available for resell in your specific location. In most cases, manufacturers do not allow a specific dealer to have "exclusivity" in a particular area unless that dealer promises a specific revenue outcome and provides a security deposit towards that goal. Contact us to learn more.
  3. HSE and our dealer partners provide "tier 1" technical and onboarding support for our customers. When a technical or warranty issue exceeds our expertise on a particular product, we or our dealer will contact the manufacturer to support resolving that customer's needs. All product warranties are governed and administered by the respective manufacturer.
  4. Territories: although HSE does not generally offer exclusivity in a particular geographical region, it is our general policy to not add additional dealers to a location which is already being effectively supported by an existing dealer; an exception to this is when the market demand exceeds that of the dealer's capabilities.