The drone business is booming!

HSE is actively seeking new dealers across the U.S. to provide local sales & support to their customers

Become a key stakeholder in one of these key regions:

  • USA: West Coast
  • USA: Midwest
  • USA: North East

HSE offers two types of Drone Dealerships

1: Local Expert

The perfect option for people who are passionate about our revolutionary technology and want the chance to earn extra income.

Perks of being an HSE Local Expert:

  • Lowest Initial Capital Investment*
  • Flexibility of Service Offerings
  • Access to HSE's Proven Sales Processes and Systems

Minimum purchase of one aircraft*

*Contact us to learn more about becoming a Local Expert!

2: Authorized Dealer

The ultimate full-service dealer opportunity! Attractive commissions, HSE lead generation and tremendous income potential!

Perks of being an Authorized Dealer:

  • HSE Lead Generation & Referrals
  • Full-Service Offerings at Your Chosen Price (Training, Financing, Consulting, etc.)
  • Generous Discounts on Drones
  • Generous Discounts on Parts, Accessories, Batteries & Chargers
  • Ongoing Sales Strategy Training
  • Opportunity to become a Local Service Center

Minimum purchase of 3x aircraft*

*Contact us to learn about becoming an Authorized Dealer

If you haven't spoken with someone from our sales team, please Contact Us!

Please review & complete the Dealer Application.

A few important notes:

  1. HSE's company culture is that everyone wins - customers, dealers, HSE, our manufacturers and other partners. HSE is deeply committed to that culture and requires that dealers operate in ways that are consistent with that objective.
  2. As a Commercial Drone Brokerage Company (often known as a Value Added Reseller / VAR), we distribute for many different manufacturers and are often adding (and sometimes removing) products as customers' needs guide us. In certain cases, a particular manufacturer or product may not be available for resell in your specific location. In most cases, manufacturers do not allow a specific dealer to have "exclusivity" ina particular area unless that dealer promises a specific revenue outcome and provides a security deposit towards that goal. Contact us to learn more.
  3. HSE and our dealer partners provide "tier 1" technical and onboarding support for our customers. When a technical or warranty issue exceeds our expertise on a particular product, we or our dealer will contact the manufacturer to support resolving that customer's needs. All product warranties are governed and administered by the respective manufacturer.
  4. Territories: although HSE does not generally offer exclusivity in a particular geographical region, it is our general policy to not add additional dealers to a location which is already being effectively supported by an existing dealer; an exception to this is when the market demand exceeds that of the dealer's capabilities.