6 Barriers to Drone Adoption in Precision Agriculture and How to Overcome Them

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FEBRUARY 23, 2023

For more than 100 years, farmers have turned to the sky to improve operations on the ground.

From crop-dusting airplanes to helicopters dropping pest control chemicals on damaged fields to sophisticated aerial navigational systems conducting farm inspections, aviation has long played an important role in agriculture.

"Although most of our customers achieve a Return on Investment (ROI) within the first year on their spraying drone, there are several factors that impact that. Setting up an effective (and efficient) drone spraying (or seeding) program is complex... the first step is . . ." -Bryan Sanders, President of HSE-UAV (continue reading)

The advent of precision agriculture has pushed the use of aerial systems in farming even further. Because precision ag focuses on spatial variability in crop production, getting accurate and timely measurements is crucial. Traditional aircraft has aided in these efforts, and modern drones have made this work faster, cheaper, and more accurate.

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