Applying Fungicide on Corn Increases Yields up to 16.5 bu/ac

While herbicides are generally part of a corn producer’s crop protection plan during the growing season, fungicides provide opportunities for protecting yield, too.

Farmers are utilizing spraying drones to apply fungicides and cashing-in on higher yields resulting from more effective crop protection. Other benefits making strong cases for implementing these autonomous systems include: reducing or eliminating tramline losses, aerial systems aren't restricted by field flooding or other soil conditions, and labor costs can be reduced by 60%-70%... all of this resulting in more profit for the farmer. 

From 2017-2021, there was an observed 3 to 9 bu/ac yield advantage with a one-pass fungicide program, with an additional 1 to 7.5 bu/ac gain with a two-pass fungicide program (with an exception for 2019)*

Read the full study here


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