Buying a Spaying Drone? Watch This! +FAA Rules, Explained!

Check out Bryan's VLOG on the things you should consider and timeline.

Are you looking to buy a spraying drone? Have questions about FAA rules for Spraying Drones? This is a really important question that we get asked a lot - I'm buying a spraying drone, but where do I start? What about the FAA Part 137 for spraying drones? What do I need to do (and think about) to buy the best spraying drone? Do I start with the FAA? Do I take a sprayer drone training class? In this video, we walk you through the most important parts of buying the best spraying drone for your field or job. Want to provide spraying services with a drone? We cover that too! Plus, we breakdown the FAA drone laws and rules for legally using a spraying drone in America (commonly known as FAA Part 137)

The things we reference in this video are linked below:

HSE's FAA Processing Service:

Shop our Spraying Drones:

R150 Tractor (no FAA certification needed!)

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