HSE Drone Sprayer Calculator

Tired of trying to figure out the perfect speed and altitude and swath for your drone? Do you know where to start? Don't worry! We've developed a killer calculator to make your life easier :) Our Drone Sprayer Calculator has all of the nozzle, pump, swath and speed parameters built-in. Just choose your preferred measurement unit, and the application rate and Ta-Da! We did the work for you!

How did we do it?

We took the specifications for the spraying hardware and combined it with data collected by the USDA Agriculture Research Service (ARS) .

READ the USDA  Research on Spraying Drones

Did you know...

  • This is our first Sprayer Calculator - we currently have just one nozzle listed per aircraft, but they are easily changed, so stay tuned for a calculator that will show all the nozzle options, soon :)
  • Our newest Ground Station Application (E6) includes this calculator? It makes for even easier flight planning. Stay tuned for more.


Coverage Calculator Compare M6A PRO vs. DJI Agras
Click to Download the Drone Sprayer Calculator Click to Download the Comparison Calculator
**CALCULATOR UNDER CONSTRUCTION** You’ll notice that the small M6E-X (10L) appears to cover more area than the M8A PRO (20L), that is due to a difference in the default nozzle on the calculator. We are working on getting this fixed and we’ll have an update soon. Given the capacity and extra-large swath of the 20L, it is more efficient ‘apples to apples’.

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