ROI & Yield Calculator - Making Money With Spraying Drones

In the market for a spraying drone but not sure if it makes sense (or money)? We can help! These are the three key factors you should consider when determining Return on Investment (ROI) for a spraying drone: 

  1. How much money will you save using a drone versus a traditional tractor (etc.) in labor and operational costs?
  2. How much can you increase your yields if you remove tramline losses (fruit drop, etc.) applying by air instead of ground?
  3. How much can you increase your yields by more frequently or efficaciously treating pests or disease in your field?

Generally, our customers see a ROI in their first year due to the significant labor and operational cost savings... this obviously depends on the number of acres and frequency of applications, but it is very realistic. 

Further - reducing (or removing) tramline losses can effectively increase yields by 7%, again depending on the crop. 

And in studies by John Deere in corn, they found a yield increase by one fungicide application of 3 to 9 bushels per acre, and an additional 1 to 7.5 bu/ac by applying a second application! Sounds pretty convincing, huh? We think so, too!

Learn about the calculator HERE
See how much money you'll make with a spraying drone - download the calculator HERE.


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