FAA Approves HSE Over 55 lb Crop Sprayer Drone for Commercial Use!

Approval Marks Stepping Stone in Path to Greater Commercialization

[ORLANDO, FL]   Homeland Surveillance & Electronics, LLC (HSE) a full-service UAV company, together with UASolutions Group, Inc. an aviation consulting firm, received notification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of approval on the AG-V6A+ unmanned aircraft system (UAS) for Commercial Operations over 55 lbs. The AG-V6A+ is a fully autonomous, unmanned & remotely piloted multirotor designed for ultra-efficient spraying operations in Agriculture, Public Safety, Invasive Species Management, etc. The aircraft weighs 75.3 lbs on a full payload. With terrain following, up to 1-centimeter accuracy, and beyond average coverage rate- it’s built for precision spraying. The AG-V6A+ is being used in various industries across the world. This is a key move to expand unmanned aircraft spraying. "We're excited that our AG-V6A+ has passed the FAA's rigorous standards! This is a major milestone in the role drones play in Precision Agriculture. The increase in payload capacity will allow farmers to cover up to 50% more acres per flight than the 10-liter models," said Terry Sanders, VP Sales & Marketing of HSE-UAV.  “We are very pleased that the collaborative efforts between UASolutions Group, HSE-UAV, and the FAA were successful in finalizing this request, pushing forward the utilization of aircraft over 55 lbs,” said Kelly Neubecker, CEO of UASolutions Group. “This hard-fought effort opens the door for others while making more large-scale commercial UAS operations accessible. We look forward to continuing our relationships with the FAA to further push the industry envelope while maintaining a safe National Airspace for all users.” HSE is one of the leading Industrial Drone companies in the U.S. Their expertise, resources, and staff are fully committed that your team has the best equipment to implement a safe & successful program. HSE’s aircraft are unlike anything else in the sky- with a key-focus on safety, reliability and ease of use. As a premier full-service provider for the complete UAV solution, HSE promises a world class experience. For more information visit www.hse-uav.com.

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