HSE Releases NEW Agriculture Drone Package! Granular Spreader – Seeding / Sprayer Combo

Fertilizing and seeding with drones is highly effective for Agricultural operations all over the world

[Orlando, FL] Homeland Surveillance & Electronics, LLC (HSE-UAV) a veteran owned, full-service UAV company, has just released a NEW Granular Spreader Drone Package that allows for seeding / spreading & spraying all-in-one! The agritech revolution is well underway, a globalized economy that merges science, innovation, data, and instant communication has UAS technology finding its way into the hands of smaller, family-owned and localized community farms, offering hope that they, too, can reap the rewards of this quickly evolving space. High-yield seeds are making it possible to grow crops in regions of the world where it was previously thought impossible. These high-yield seeds not only produce crops more efficiently (requiring less water) but many include bio-fortification attributes for weather and heat resistance. These seeds could change the way that food is produced in parts of the world like Africa and Asia, helping to feed a rapidly growing population.
UAVs continue to be one of the most promising sectors of the agritech revolution. UAVs for agriculture provide small farmers advanced technology to map and survey their land, spray their fields with precision, and monitor the quality of soils and the progress of their crops. HSE's Agriculture drones are highly sophisticated pieces of technology that are remarkably affordable – especially given the value they provide in maximizing yields and protecting your investments. Designed for granular seeding, this fertilization and sowing device can spread different kinds of fertilizer, grass seed, etc. A circular spreading plate ensures thorough distribution, dispensing in an even density, wide range, highly effective, stable & reliable application. Fertilizer or seed can be filled easily to avoid unexpected spill waste and improve prep & applying time. The tank is also waterproof and easily kept clean! "HSE is a proud Agri-Tech partner. As one of the leading suppliers of UAVs for agriculture applications as well as flight training, FAA consulting, and agricultural drone accessories- We are committed to supporting this exciting new movement responsibly." said Terry Sanders, VP of Marketing & Innovations at Homeland Surveillance & Electronics HSE is one of the oldest Industrial Drone companies in the U.S. Their expertise, resources, and staff are fully committed that your team has the best equipment to implement a safe & successful program. HSE's aircraft are unlike anything else in the sky- with a key-focus on safety, reliability and ease of use. As a premier full-service provider for the complete UAS Program, HSE promises a world class experience. For more information click here or visit us on the web  - HSE-UAV.com

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