HSE Releases NEW Agriculture Drone! X10 Hybrid Gas & Electric Crop Sprayer

Farmers get longer flight times & higher field efficiency with Hybrid UAS.

[Orlando, FL] Homeland Surveillance & Electronics, LLC (HSE-UAV) a veteran owned, full-service UAV company, has just released a NEW Gas & Electric Hybrid Spraying Drone to allow for ultimate efficiency in the field! What we've all been waiting for- and now it's here! This Hybrid Crop Sprayer provides farmers longer flights, and higher efficiency. With less work to transport, and a quicker set-up time, the X10 will streamline & simplify unmanned flight operations- all while remaining within the 55lb weight limit under Part 107. And you can forget about charging batteries in the field. This aircraft results in an overall lower cost of ownership, and a quicker ROI!
The X10 Gas & Electric Hybrid Crop Sprayer is fully autonomous, includes advanced features, and has Intelligent Spray Control, Terrain Following, etc. "This is a game changer! After all the time we've spent in the field with our customers, we saw two areas where we could further improve on the efficiency of our platforms. The first was flight time, the second was changing & charging batteries in the field. The Hybrid gives nearly 3x the flight time- dramatically increasing the overall productivity of operations for customers. There's just nothing else in the World that comes anywhere close to the performance, safety, and price that this aircraft offers, while being backed by an American company." said Bryan Sanders, VP of Homeland Surveillance & Electronics "We're so grateful to our clients around the world for continuing to share their ingenuity & feedback, and we can't wait for what's next!" HSE is one of the oldest Industrial Drone companies in the U.S. Their expertise, resources, and staff are fully committed that your team has the best equipment to implement a safe & successful program. HSE's aircraft are unlike anything else in the sky- with a key-focus on safety, reliability and ease of use. As a premier full-service provider for the complete UAS Program, HSE promises a world class experience. For more information click here or visit us on the web  - HSE-UAV.com

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