HSE Releases NEW Agriculture Package!

Fumigator - Fogger / Sprayer Drone Combo

[Orlando, FL] Homeland Surveillance & Electronics, LLC (HSE-UAV) a veteran owned, full service UAV company, has just released a NEW Fumigator Drone Package that allows for fumigating / fogging & spraying all-in-one! HSE is committed that Farmers around the world have the best workhorse drone in their toolbox. Designed for mosquito abatement, vector control or other pest eradication, the Fumigator Fogger dispenses mist, or spray to increase efficiency.  Fogging is primarily used for pests or mosquito abatement (also called 'vector control'). This is also a popular method for pest eradication in tree farms! Sneak-Peak Video The Agri-Tech Revolution is happening now, and the commercial drone market with some of the highest economic potential is the Agriculture industry. Aviation technology was embraced in farming 100 years ago with the widespread use of aerial crop dusting practices. Today, Agriculturists are vastly improving the quality & quantity of their crop yields with integrating drones into their farming operations. As UAS technology becomes more affordable and easily accessible to farmers around the world, their ability to grow more, healthier crops is proving to be a major game-changer in the global economy. Drones are being utilized in various applications, from detection of invasive species, and the ability to monitor fields for droughts. NDVI data collected from multispectral remote sensing will soon become the standard for crop management. While sprayer drones have given farmers access to precise, and harvest-saving techniques, this only scratches the surface of benefits that UAS technology brings to Agriculture. Not to mention, the exciting addition of granular seed spreading drones, and fogging drones (for mosquito and pest control), farmers can avoid unnecessary chemical exposure and save thousands in labor costs. Many farmers are using multispectral NDVI cameras embedded with sophisticated software that can survey lands to detect soil quality, monitor crop health & growth, and help farmers detect and treat problems before they get out of control.  Next generation farmers are elevating the agribusiness by further integrating UAS ops to suit their needs. HSE is very proud to be a partner in meeting these demands. “We are excited to bring this technology to the market!" said Terry Sanders, VP of Marketing & Innovations at HSE “The Fumigator is going to play an important role in vector control for orchards and tree farms, too. The current mite infestation facing citrus growers in Florida is a prime example of why this technology is needed.” HSE is one of the oldest Industrial Drone companies in the U.S. Their expertise, resources, and staff are fully committed that your team has the best equipment to implement a safe & successful program. HSE's aircraft are unlike anything else in the sky- with a key-focus on safety, reliability and ease of use. As a premier full-service provider for the complete UAS Program, HSE promises a world class experience. For more information click here or visit us on the web  - HSE-UAV.com

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