HSE Releases NEW Heavy Lift Line Stringing Drone For Utility & Other Cable Running Applications!

Line Stringing, Rope Hauling, Cable Running, Etc.

[Orlando, FL] Homeland Surveillance & Electronics, LLC (HSE-UAV) a veteran owned, full-service UAV company, has just released a NEW Line Stringing Drone Solution! The HERCULES M6D Drone Line Stringer is designed to perform short & long-distance line carrying for any utility and other cable running applications. Built for easy & convenient transport, this aircraft is lightweight, but tough. Its strength & stability allow for stringing wire / cable of various weight & length.
This heavy lift aircraft is perfect to use at sites that are less accessible or have rough terrain like rivers & valleys, or mountainous areas. Across roads and railways, or over & around other lines, this drone will take on the heavy lifting for you! From origin point to destination, the HERCULES M6D UAV Line Stringer is a low-cost, high-safety solution that is fast becoming an essential tool for utility providers across the Nation, and around the world. "HSE is always looking at the future of drones and the industries that use them, and for all of the ways they can be utilized. And after a series of conversations with utility companies around the world, we saw this as a great addition to our innovative & unique offerings."said Bryan Sanders, VP of Homeland Surveillance & Electronics "The team & I are excited to bring this aircraft to the market!" HSE is one of the oldest Industrial Drone companies in the U.S. Their expertise, resources, and staff are fully committed that your team has the best equipment to implement a safe & successful program. HSE's aircraft are unlike anything else in the sky- with a key-focus on safety, reliability and ease of use. As a premier full-service provider for the complete UAS Program, HSE promises a world class experience. For more information click here or visit us on the web  - HSE-UAV.com

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