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Affordable Drone Financing

For companies and organizations that have limited investment capital or fixed budgets, financing a drone can be more sensible than buying it outright. This is why Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC (HSE) provides affordable drone financing through our UAV lease-to-own program. The benefits of our drone leasing options include:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Generating revenue as you pay
  • Open line of credit for emergency purchases
  • No banking restrictions
  • Structured payments for “off balance sheet” accounting
  • Payments may be eligible for tax deductions*

Our lease to lease-to-own drone financing is designed to help law enforcement, fire rescue, and companies in the commercial marketplace quickly acquire drones for a low initial payment, and make affordable, monthly payments until they own the aircraft. We also offer special financing for municipalities that accommodates complex budgetary needs.

Apply Online in Just Seconds

Apply for our drone financing online to receive your approval status and approval amount in less than 30 seconds, and start using the amount immediately. If you need a price quote for a drone or to discuss custom drone options, please contact us today for free assistance.

*HSE is not a licensed tax firm, please contact your tax professional for further information.

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