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Drone Cameras for Sale

From precision agriculture or crop scouting, to disaster assessment or utility inspections, different missions require different cameras or sensors on your drone. Homeland Surveillance & Electronics (HSE) offers a variety of UAV cameras for capturing and recording images that offer the ideal resolution you need to perform detailed analysis.

When you order a drone from our online store, you have the option of optimizing the aircraft with camera and sensor options that support virtually any application. Mountable or quick-release equipment for our drones offers a variety of camera features, including:

  • 4K Ultra High Definition
  • 4K & HD video (optional encryption and long range)
  • Infrared/FLIR
  • DSLR integration
  • Multi-spectral
  • Image Stability
  • Multiple Camera Turret Mount
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Target Lock/Path Track with Geolocation
  • Target Referential GPS Coordinates
  • Programmable Tracking Parameters
  • Photogrammetry Software

The drone cameras for sale in our store have the flexibility to support numerous applications, including: crop analysis, security surveillance, situational awareness, powerline inspection, pipeline inspection, aerial terrain mapping, critical infrastructure inspection, and historical monument inspection. Combined with the right software, our UAV cameras facilitate CAD images that are permissible as evidence in court and support other drone applications that require the technological insight that only CAD data can provide.

Select a Drone Camera

If you need to perform drone missions that capture detailed photographs or videos, HSE has drone cameras for sale that support your applications, as well as camera software that reveals photographic data in a variety of formats. For help with selecting the right camera and sensor options for our helicopter UAVs and other drone models, contact us for a free consultation.

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