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Learn from the pros at HSE's ONLINE Spraying Drone Training Class! Incl DJI T10/T30 Spray Drones, XAG P40/V40 and more!
HSE drone workshops provide an opportunity to learn about UAV technology from the foremost experts in the field. We offer three primary workshops, each of which includes a Free Online Ground School and Flight Simulator
  • 10th   Jun
  • 09:00 am

HSE has been training customers on safe and effective drone operations for more than a decade – our commitment to your success is unparalleled. We’ve brought experts from commercial drone and spraying drone missions to teach you everything you’ll need to know. Our drone training class includes tons of hands-on flying experience, because we know – that’s the best way to learn! Our mission is to make sure that every student who participates in our commercial and spraying drone pilot school leaves capable and well-versed in all elements necessary for safe and effective flying.

FAA Help & Consultation

Many customers have questions about the FAA rules for using sprayer drones. Frankly – it isn’t easy to understand unless you comprehend government lingo! But we’ve got your back! Our consulting services help you get the FAA spraying drone approvals you’ll need… and we do it fast! In fact, HSE was one of the first companies to get FAA approval, so we understand how the process works.


  • Our FAA Consulting Team will work with you to determine your specific needs and the aircraft you’ll be flying.
  • The consultant assigned to you will complete the necessary paperwork, applications, etc. on your behalf.
  • During this process, you will take formal training and obtain your ‘drone pilot license’ and begin studying for your aerial applicator’s certificate (varies by state).
  • As the final step, we’ll schedule your safety exam with your local FAA inspector who signs you off on the final part!