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Agricultural & Crop Spraying Drones for Sale

Drones and other Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) from Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC help agricultural businesses monitor and manage plots of land that have limited ground vehicle access, which can complicate crop spraying and analysis. Sure, you can do these things manually, or spray from a backpack or ground rig, but there is a safer, more economical way to do it: use an agriculture spraying drone that does the job easier, faster and with incredible precision. Scroll down to shop our line of crop spraying drones for sale!

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UAV Drone Agricultural Use

HSE has several crop spraying drones for sale. We offer a wide array of commercial-grade agriculture UAV crop dusters, helicopters, and multi-rotor crop sprayers, including specially designed equipment that can facilitate heavier than normal payloads and extended flight times. Our crop dusting drones for sale and other drone agriculture equipment can be used to complete the following tasks, among others:

  • Crop Spraying / Crop Dusting
  • Seed Spreading
  • Detection and mitigation of crop diseases
  • Monitoring parasites
  • Monitoring moisture
  • Monitoring crop growth
  • Monitoring livestock health
  • Fertilizer management
  • Crop yield estimation
  • Monitoring weed growth
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Tracking crop inventory
  • Monitoring soil erosion
  • Detecting UV / weather damage
  • Reducing herbicide and fertilizer use
  • Surveying irrigation and other structural systems
  • Assessing environmental impact

Our crop dusting drones for sale and other UAV agriculture equipment are designed for an array of applications. Switching to our equipment could significantly reduce your manpower and chemical costs if you are currently using a traditional, manned aircraft. Ours provide cutting-edge capabilities that many man-powered crafts can’t. Our agriculture crop spraying drones use intentional downward thrust to force the chemical into the crop resulting in minimal drift and extraordinary efficacy.

Agricultural crop spraying drone flying over sugarcane crop

Find the Equipment You Need

HSE offers cutting-edge UAVs that are ideal for a wide range of small acreage or large acreage agricultural applications. For more information about our agricultural drones for sale and additional UAV agriculture equipment, please contact us today for free assistance.

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