Nemo Underwater Drone

Whether you are heading to the water for fun or for work, you’ll love what the Nemo Underwater Drone can do for you!


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The Nemo ultra-portable underwater drone is a favorite among fishermen, scuba-divers and vacationers alike! But the Nemo isn’t just built for fun – it’s heavy-duty design makes it a great work companion for ship, dock or bridge inspections as well! But back to the fun…

Imagine the underwater footage and live video you’ll be able to share with your friends captured by Nemo’s ultra-stable 4K UHD (30fps) and 16mp camera! Plus, you can capture those dark mysterious places thanks to the onboard 1000lm LED headlamps.

Easy to operate, Nemo includes an Android or iOS app with support for optional VR glasses or headsets (cool!). The application shows you the status, battery level and other key information right on your smart phone or tablet. The ultra-long waterproof tether brings crystal-clear video and gives you quick-access to retrieve Nemo if needed. When you’re ready – just toss Nemo in the optional backpack for super-convenient transportation

Built to Dive – Nemo sports a QAS-Balancing system with 4x thrusters and independent control system, making this underwater drone very stable and a great swimmer! Equipped with a quick-charge, waterproof and replaceable C-Hyperhelix long-life battery for long adventures and easy charging (included). Plus, it is able to swim through waters and currents up to 6.6ft/sec (2m/s).

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Check out some of the ways people love Nemo Underwater Drone:

  • Underwater Photography
  • Cave Exploration
  • Scuba Diving
  • Ship Inspections
  • Dam and Dock Inspections
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Fishing
  • Yachting
  • Scientific Exploration and more!

UUV Features

1. High-Resolution 4K Lens. Delivering 4K video and 16-megapixel photography underwater

2. QAS-Balance System. Four thrusters design and independently developed control system allow Nemo to travel underwater with great stability.

3. Detachable Battery Design. Nemo is the first underwater drone equipped with quick-charge waterproof & replaceable C-Hyperhelix battery.

4. Underwater Robot Drone for Underwater Photography, Cave Exploring, Scuba Diving, Ship Performance Monitoring, Fishing, Yachting, Scientific Exploration, Salvage, Rescue and more. Aquarobotman provides professional after-sale service within 24 hours.

UUV Specifications

Nemo Enjoy Kit (The Standard Model includes): Nemo Explore Kit (The Advanced Model includes):
1 X Nemo -32G

1 X Nemo battery

1 X Kevlar zero buoyancy line -50M

1 X Wi-Fi base station

1 X Wi-Fi base station battery

1 X Nemo -64G

1 X Nemo battery

1 X Kevlar zero buoyancy line -100M

1 X Wi-Fi base station

1 X Wi-Fi base station battery

1 X Reel

1 X Nemo backpack

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