DJI Agras T30/T40 Intelligent Battery Station

DJI Agras T30/T40 Intelligent Battery Station

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7,200 watts of charging power are provided by the T30/T40 Battery Station. and has a 10-minute battery charge time.

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Dimensions 300×280×230 mm
Total weight 11.5 kg
Input voltage 100-264 Vac
Output voltage 40-60 V
Rated power 7,200
Charging current 120 A
Charging time Fully charges a battery in 9 to 12 minutes
Charging voltage precision +/-0.1 V
Charging current precision +/-1 A
Number of output channels 2
Protection functions Over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit, and fan stall protection
Charging ambient temperature -20 Degrees Celsius  to 45 Degrees Celsius
Charging safety AC wire protection, power wire protection, and charge connector protection