Carrier H6 Hydrone *COMING SOON*

The Carrier H6 Hydrone by Harris Aerial is our all-new hybrid electric drone powered by our hydrogen fuel cell.

The Carrier H6 Hydrone is equipped with Intelligent Energy’s 2.4kw FCPM (fuel cell power module).The recommended payload is 3kg allowing for up to 2.5hrs of flight.  The max payload is 5kgallowing up to 1.5hrs of flight.

The Carrier H6 Hydrone can be configured to carry scientific grade sensors, such as multispectral cameras, professional DSLRs for cinematography, and LiDAR.  The H6 Hydrone provides hybrid flight times while maintaining the nearly silent operation of an electric platform.

Harris Aerial’s drone technology allows for more efficient and effective operations for a variety of industries. These drone platforms deliver rapid, on-site results for the following applications:

  • Utility Inspection
  • Security & Law Enforcement
  • Lidar Remote Sensing
  • Agriculture
  • Tactical Route Clearance/Counter-IED Efforts
  • Infrastructure & Development Projects
  • Wildlife Tracking & Capturing
  • Infrastructure
  • Emergency & Disaster Relief
  • Wildlife Preservation
  • Medical Delivery
  • Real Estate

Why buy from HSE-UAV, America’s Commercial Drone Store?

  • One of America’s oldest industrial drone companies; here to stay!
  • U.S.  Support
  • U.S. Warranty & Parts
  • U.S. Training
  • Full-Service (FAA guidance, drone financing / leasing)
  • Factory-Direct Pricing
  • FAA Approved Aircraft
  • Try Before you Buy (attend a free demo)
  • Veteran & Family Owned
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