The G200 (16L) is the affordable spraying drone! Efficiency meets Intelligence in this fully-automatic Sprayer. Operating costs are about $10/hr! Field Tough & Ultra Low Maintenance


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The G200 (16L) Spraying Drone features the latest sprayer technology and awesome features like active obstacle avoidance, fully autonomous from launch-to-land and our Smart Spray System with full, dual-pump control.

Everything is Included!

  • UAV & everything you need to fly (GPS, Mission Planning App, Batteries & Charger)
  • TRAINING (virtual or in-person, you choose)
  • 2 year DRONE PROTECTION PLAN (better than a standard warranty – covers accidents and failures)
  • SHIPPING (lower 48 only)
  • Obstacle Avoidance Radars (front & rear)
  • Automatic Terrain Following
  • 4x Smart Batteries (1/flight)
  • 1x Smart Charging Station
  • U.S. Based Drone Experts
  • U.S. Based Technical Support
  • 24/7 Online Support Portal

PLUS, this drone can be converted to a seed spreader!  Get multiple uses out of a single platform. We’re accepting preorders with deliveries planned in late July.

This model is IP65 Rated

According to the USDA – ARS, “drift can be effectively mitigated by choosing the right nozzle for the job”, the G200 Sprayer Drone lets you easily swap nozzles; the quick-swap tank makes decontamination fast and easy! This drone uses just one large battery for maximum uptime and minimal time charging.

G200 Brochure

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Please note, price does not include shipping/freight, sales or other local taxes or duties. Please request a quote for specific pricing. *Your performance & flight times may vary based on conditions; features are subject to change without notice.


Mission Planning

You can operate this drone in three different ways; this give you ultimate flexibility and makes it easy to accomplish any spraying job. All modes offer automatic Terrain Following (if equipped), and either manual or fully automatic sprayer functionality.

Fully Automatic

Easy | Accurate | Repeatable 

When battery or liquid is low, the drone returns automatically and will resume exactly where it left off once replenished.

  1. Use the included Ground Station App to drop waypoints on the corners of your spray area (do this on the included Google Maps, or by flying the drone to the points)
  2. Mark any obstacles or areas to avoid (and use the onboard Obstacle Avoidance radar as your extra set of eyes!)
  3. Input your desired Swath and Altitude settings (see USDA Research for optimal performance)
  4. The software will design the best spray route; this can be rotated for wind or modified
  5. Power up the drone, click a few buttons on the app and the drone will conduct the mission!


A-B Mode

Fast | Flexible | Simple

This is the fastest method for spraying and works best for square / rectangle shaped areas. As with Fully Automatic, when battery or liquid is low, the drone returns automatically and will resume exactly where it left off once replenished.

  1. Fly the drone to the corner of the field where you’d like to start your mission
  2. Toggle the A-B switch to the “A” position; the app will confirm that point A has been recorded
  3. Fly the drone to the opposite end of the field (the path between these two points will be the line that the drone repeats)
  4. Toggle the A-B switch to the “B” position; the app will confirm that point B has been recorded
  5. Push the RC stick to the left or the right; the drone will slide over to the direction you instructed and it will fly back towards the “A” side of the field and will repeat until you stop it.

The distance between rows (swath), speed and height are based on the parameter you set in the app. If needed, you can shorten or extend either end of the field during the mission

Easy Crop Duster Drone

Manual Mode

As you might suspect, this is the most basic form of operating the spraying drone. In this mode, you fly the drone with the Remote Controller (RC) and can use either an automatic (speed dependent) pump or manual pump mode. The terrain sensor allows you to fly on hillsides with ease. We recommend you use the GPS position hold feature so that the drone holds a hover and doesn’t drift in the wind.

About our Smart Spray System

Accurate | Precise | Effortless

This awesome feature allows you to focus on flying instead of fumbling with pump speed and extra calculations. Just select the desired flow rate / pump speed and the system does the work for you! The pump speed will adjust to account for flight speed and will turn off as appropriate to avoid over-spraying. When the system detects you are out of chemical, the pump will shut off and the drone will return to its home position automatically! And yes, it leaves a mark where it left off so it can automatically resume 🙂

An enhanced safety feature turns off the pump if there is an emergency 😉


This Crop Spraying Drone Features

Fully Automatic & Programmable | Radar Obstacle Avoidance | Simple A-B Mode | Dust-proof / Sealed Fuselage IP65 Rated | Easy-To-Fly Ground Station | SmartSpray Fully Automatic Sprayer Control | Advanced Dual Pumps | Swappable Nozzles | Motor Failure Redundancy | Auto Return to Home | Quick-Fold Arms & Props | Quick-Swap Tank & Pumps | Sealed Fuselage for Easy Rinse | Ultra-Low Maintenance | U.S. Support | Manufacturer’s Warranty |


MODEL G200 (16L)


Note: a key factor in determining coverages is your chemical’s application rate. That will dictate nozzles, flow rate and speed at which you fly. Watch our YouTube video to see how the Ground Station App helps you calculate this!
Typical Coverage Rates: 20-35 ac/hr (8.09-14.16 ha/hr)
Typical Spray Height (above crops) 6.5-13 ft (2 – 4 m)
Typical Spray Swath (based on nozzles) 28-35 ft (8.5-10.6 m)
Optimal Flight Speed (spraying) 9-13 mph (4-6 m/s)
Pump Details – Dual Pumps w. SmartSpray: 0.37 – 1.52 gpm (1.4-5.76 L/min)
Nozzle Quantity (adjustable) 2-6
Standard Spray Nozzle Options: Lechler 110-01, 110-015, 110-02 (adjustable)
Distance between outer most nozzles: 66 in (1676 mm)

Flight Time (empty) 20+ min
Flight Time (spraying) 12-15 min
Optimal Flight Speed (spraying) 9-13 mph (4-6 m/s)
Max Flying Speed: 18 mph (8 m/s)
Max Climb Speed: 16.40 ft/s (5 m/s)
Max Descent Speed: 9.8 ft/s (3 m/s)
Wind Rating (stable) 27 mph, 23 knots (12 m/s)
Max Altitude: 11,500 ft ASL (aprx 3500 m)
GPS Accuracy (standard) Horizontal ±7.9 inches (±0.2m), Vertical ± 19.7 inches (±0.5m)
GPS Accuracy (RTK) Horizontal ±3.9 inches (±0.1m), Vertical ±3.9 inches (±0.1m)

Configuration: 6-rotor (VTOL)
Frame Wheelbase: 66.92 in (1700 mm)
Height: 27.95 in (710 mm)
Width (folded) 32.56 in (827.2 mm)
Arm Length: 22.59 in (574 mm)
Weight (without batteries) 35.93 lbs (16.3 kg)
Useable Payload (after batteries) 4.22 gal (16 L)
Standard Takeoff Weight (STOW) 79.36 lbs (36 kg)
Max Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 83.77 lbs (38 kg)

Max Thrust/Weight Ratio: 2.3 @ 36kg
Max Power Consumption: 5000 w (hovering @ 2600 w)
Optimal Storage Temperature: 50-77F° (10-25C°)
Motor Details: 90KV, Max Thrust 14 kg, Max Power 2500 W
ESC Details: Max Continuous 40A, Max Peak 3S 80A, Working Voltage 14S (50.4 – 58.8v)
Propeller Details: Folding, engineered composite/plastic. 3090, 762mm @ 203g
Battery Details: 17,000 mAh @ 14S (58.8v), WiFi enabled Smart Battery with onboard Battery Management System
RC Details: R4, endurance @ 4.5hrs+ 4400 mAh, range @ 3km (w.o. interference), live video streaming & GCS. Bluetooth enabled.



USDA Research on Spraying Drones

U.S.D.A. Spraying Drone Efficacy Study

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How to use Spraying Drones Legally in the U.S.

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